Tuesday 25 September 2012


Updated '10:00am bells' Tuesday 25th September 2012
THE LEAZES END OF ST JAMES' PARK<(and aalways will be!) 


Biscuit Men tickets are SELT OOT!

Wor League Cup game against The Cockney Reds, tomorrow, Wed September 26th @ 7:45 bells---live on SKY--and tickets are priced at a ridiculous £45! which in effect will be a resorve line up from both teams


Below are 'The Toons' Premya Leegue fixtures for the comin' season.
(can aalso be viewed at the top of the page)
Aall games az per usual are subject to change for live telly and European commitments and aall the teams are in 'cryptic code' to avoid any copyright infringements. (ie: we divvint want to get sued off 'The FA'---like!)
'The Geordie Times' haz done a seperate page to give yoo some clues to the identity of the teams, IF!, those of yoo with 'half a sheeps brain' cannit work it oot!
(Gan to the top of the page and click onto
'A' to 'Z' of CLUB NICKNAMES) 

Premya Leegue dates/times changed so far:TWELVE! (oot of 38) 


SAT 18th---Sporz---H---5:30 bells (ESPN) (time change)
Won 2-1 (Ba, Ben Arfa (pen)
Attendance: 52,385 (2,800 Spors fans)

THU 23rd---Atromitos of Greece---A---8:00 bells (local)
Europa League 4th Rd Qualifyin 1st leg
Drew 1-1 (Ryan Taylor---ower the waall!)
Attendance: 4,872 or! 5,002? (90 Toon diehards!)
(SKY TV channel 428)

SAT 25th---Kings Road OAPs---A---5:30 bells (ESPN) (time change)
Lost 2-0
Attendance: 41,718 (1,500 Toon fans)

THU 30th---Atromitos of Greece---H---7:45 bells
Europa League 4th Rd Qualifyin 2nd leg
Won 1-0 (Haris Vuckic)
Attendance: 29,242 (40 Atromitos fans)


SUN 2nd---The Hazbeens and Villians---H---4 bells  (date and time change)
Drew 1-1 (Ben Arfa)
Attendance: 48,245 (1,000 Villians of the peace!)

MON 17th---The Toffee Noses---A---8:00 bells (SKY) (date and time change)
Drew 2-2 (Ba 2)
Attendance: 32,510 (less than 2,000 Toon fans) 

Thu 20th---Maritimo of Portugal---A---7:00 bells (CET) (ESPN)
Europa League group stage
Drew 0-0
Attendance: 4,000 est (150 Toon fans inc holiday makers!)

SUN 23rd---The Canary Custard Crumbles---H---3 bells (date change)
Won 1-0 (Ba)
Attendance: 49,402 (1,500 Custards)


WED 26th---The Cockney Reds of Salford---A---7:45 bells
League Cup
SAT 29th---The Biscuit Men---A---3 bells


Thu 4th---Bordeaux of France---H---8:05 bells
Europa League group stage
SUN 7th---The Cockney Reds of Salford---H---4 bells (SKY) (date and time change)
SUN 21---Moanin Martins SMBs---A---1:30 bells (SKY) (date and time change) (bet yi it's changed again to Sunday @ high noon bells!)
Thu 25th---Brugge of Belgium---H---8:05 bells
Europa League group stage

SUN 28th---The Baggie Troosers---H---3 bells (date change)


SAT 3rd---The Liverbirds---A---3 bells
Thu 8th---Brugge of Belgium---A---7:00 bells (CET)
Europa League group stage

SUN 11th---The Jellied Eels Mob---H---3 bells (date change)

SAT 17th---The Swan Lakers---H---3 bells
Thu 22nd---Maritimo of Portugal---H---8:05 bells
Europa League group stage

SUN 25th---Sooothampton---A---3 bells (date change)

WED 28th---The Pullis P*ss Potts---A---7:45 bells (date change)


SAT 1st---The Blue Wigs---H---3 bells
Thu 6th---Bordeaux of France---A---7:00 bells (CET)

SAT 8th---The Wacko Jacko Jivers---A---3 bells
SAT 15th---The Blue Moonies---H---3 bells
SAT 22nd---The Shepherds Bush Rag & Bone Men---A---3 bells
WED 26th---The Cockney Reds of Salford---A---3 bells
SUN 29th---The Arse---A---3 bells


TUE 1st---The Toffee Noses---H---3 bells
SAT 12th---The Canary Custard Crumbles---A---3 bells
SAT 19th---The Biscuit Men---H---3 bells
TUE 29th---The Hazbeens and Villians---A---7:45 bells?


SAT 2nd---The Kings Road OAPs---H---3 bells
SAT 9th---Sporz---A---3 bells
SAT 23rd---Sooothampton---H---3 bells


SAT 2nd---The Swan Lakers---A---3 bells
SAT 9th---The Pullis P*ss Potts---H---3 bells
SAT 16th---The Blue Wigs---A---3 bells
SAT 30th---The Blue Moonies---A---3 bells


SAT 6th---The Wacko Jacko Jivers---H---3 bells
SAT 13th---Moanin Martins SMBs---H---1:30pm bells (wot!---not! high noon bells?) (time change)
SAT 20th---The Baggie Troosers---A---3 bells
SAT 27th---The Liverbirds---H---3 bells


SAT 4th---The Jellied Eels Mob---A---3 bells
SUN 12th---The Shepherds Bush Rag & Bone Men---A---3 bells?
SUN 19th---The Arse---H---3 bells?

Copyright warnin'!
The above fixtures are unda strict copyright to 'The Geordie Times' and may NOT be reproduced unda any corcumstances and offenders will be SEVERELEEE dealt with!
ie: Yoo will be arrested by men in white coats and placed into a straight jacket (kickin' and screamin' if necessary!) and frogmarched to 'The Stadium of SSshhh! 'yee naa wot' and forced (at gunpoint!) to porchase a SMB season ticket for next season.
Yoo will then be suspended (upside doon!) from one of the roof beams until the season starts!
We realise that this punishment iz severe, and iz a fate worse than death!---but copyright MUST be protected!!!
---"er!"--- unless yi buy us a 'crate of dog'--like!


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