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DEMBA'S 'HANDY' GOAL! (Middle of pic)***VIEW FROM ROW 2!

Wor forst 'port o caall' after arrivin' in Readin' waz 'The Bugle Boozer' not too far from the train station.
With another international break in the next two weeks the 'mad-sad groundhoppers' amongst us were toyin' with the idea of gannin to Elgin to chalk off another Scottish ootpost in their quest to visit every league groond in Britain!

Albion Rovers came into the conversation and the ears pricked on an elderly white haired gadgie who waz sittin' on the next table to us.
"A'm fray (from) Coatbridge!" he annoonced in a broad Jocko accent. (where Albion play)
And he added, "can yiu remember a player called John McNamee who played centre half for you!"
"Of course we can!", we replied, and he said that he'd went to school with him many many moons ago and was an old mate!

"He once went on a trial for Celtic!", wor friend added, "And he waz offered a lift to Parkhead from John 'Yogi Bear' Hughes (a famous Celtic player of the time) who told him to clean his muddy boots before he got into his car!"
"McNamee (who was built like a 'brick sh*thoose') didn't take kindly to this and gave 'Yogi' a 'Glasgow kiss' instead (heedbut!) and he lay polaxed on the groond as 'Mac' walked off into the centre of Coatbridge!" (pronoonced 'Coatbrig' by wor Scottish friend!)

We aall had a good laugh aboot this az we supped wor way through several pints of the local brew!

After a couple of more 'boozer stops' it waz off to the Madjeski<(Geordie Times spellin'!) by taxi which cost the princely sum of ten quid (It's at least an HOURS WAALK from Readin' toon centre to the groond which iz f*****' miles away!)

For the 2nd away Premya League game in a row we drew two's each and were very fortunate to come away with a point az Demba Ba's 2nd equaliser came off hiz hand, although we didn't realise it at the time!

'The Biscuitmen' were the better team and they took the lead orly in the 2nd period when Kebe shot past Harper in the Toon goal.
But fortune waz on wor side az just one minute later we were level when Demba Ba hit a wonder shot on the torn to send the away end into raptures!

The home side again retook the lead through Hunt and aall looked lost az 'The Biscuitmen' went for the killer goal.
It never came and with just 6 or 7 minutes left on the clock, with wot looked like a heeder from 'row 2' behind the goal, Ba again levelled things in front of the away section, with wot we now naa to be with hiz hand!

Toon team: Harper, Perch, Williamson, Steve Taylor (Tavernier 56), Santon, Ben Arfa, Tiote, Bigiramana (Ferguson 70), Gutierrez, Ba, Cisse (Shola Ameobi 69)

Attendance: 24, 097 (highest of season so far) (2,076 Toon fans)

After the match it waz back to The Bugle and then onward to King's Cross to catch wor DRY train yem. Notices were on the departure boards reiterating<(Yes!---we naa aall the 'big words'!) that the train definitely waz alcohol free!

Fortha annooncements on the train telt us that it waz an offence to drink alcohol on the train (az though we needed remindin'!?)
And wot happened!?---when we got to York, loads of kiddaz got on carryin' and drinkin' bottles and cans of beer PAST the transport police who said ASOLUTLEEE NOTHING TO THEM!???---

That's one rule for us of course!---and one rule for them!!!! (who wud be a futbaall fan???)
A definate case of double standards if ever there waz one!---divvint yoo think???  

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