Monday 24 September 2012


Posted '10:15am bells' Monday 24th September 2012


This waz wor thord forst team game in the last six days and aa wearily dragged meesel oot of mee pit at 'high noon bells' after havin' had just two and a half hours kip, az aa didn't get to sleep til '9:30am bells after deein a neetshift truck run to Glasgow!

Anyway!---it waz then a mad dash off to 'The Bacchus' where Grumpy Stumpy, Norman the Cowboy Plumber, Tex Taylor and Fawlty Towers were havin' a few liquid refreshments before the game!
A few more 'refreshments' in The Monkey Bar and The Adelphi were consumed where we met Scott of the Antarctic (the one from Windy Nook NOT! the Sooth Pole!) before it waz time to heed for the two hundred stairs up to mee seat in The Milburn Stand!

We started off slowly and yoo cud tell after just a few minutes that it wud be another bore--just like in Madeira on Thorsday neet.

We took the lead however, at aroond aboot the halfway point of the forst half when Ben Arfa played a brill through baall to Demba Ba and wor number 19 made ne mistake az he poked the baall home from the edge of the box and past the advancin' Ruddy in the Canary Custards's goal!

We had a chance to double wor lead in forst half injury time when Mike Williamson waz pushed in the back in the 18 yard area and the ref pointed straight to the penalty spot!
After a 'fight' between Ben Arfa, Ba and Cisse az to just who wud take it, Cisse grabbed the baall and placed it carefully on the spot and duly blasted it ower the bar, high into The Gallowgate End!!!

This nearly cost us dear az in the 2nd period az The Yellow Custards had several efforts on The Toon goal but (thankfully!) couldn't find the net!
But we did have fortha chances az well to increase wor lead!

There were aalso some strange substitutions to say the least when both Ben Arfa and Anita were taken off, az they were two of the best players left on the field?   

Ba's goal torned oot to be the anly goal of the game, and like aa say, the away side were unlucky on several occasions not to level things and we were fortunate indeed to take the three points!

But we'll take them anyway!--thank yoo very much Chris! (Hughton!)

Toon team: Harper, Perch, Williamson, Steven Taylor, Santon, Ben Arfa (Shola Ameobi 85), Anita (Tiote 76), Cabaye, Gutierrez, Cisse (Obertan 70), Ba

Attendance: 49,402 (1,500 or so Canary Custards!) 

* For an explanation of 'The Geordie Times' nickname for wor visitors---see 'club nicknames A-Z ' at the top of the page

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