Sunday 13 May 2012


Updated 6:30am bells Sunday 13th May 2012

"The Field of Fields!"
Followin' on from last years 'sorte' to a Northern Alliance game @ Wark, beside the River North Tyne, (A Wark on the Wild Side!) we took anotha 'Tynetrip' yesterday az we heeded for Stocksfield on Tyne to watch their top of the table clash against Whitley Bay resorves @ 'The Stocksfield Sports Fields'!

The Geordie Times entourage caught the 'one bells' Hexham snail train from 'The Central' which passed through Stocksfield (and it thankfully stopped there!) and from there it waz a short waalk away alang the main road to 'the fields'.
After a few 'liquid refreshments' in the very nice clubhoose it waz off to one one the many fields beside the railway line where the match waz bein' played (the sports complex included two cricket pitches, two footbaall pitches and a rugby pitch)

A bit of train spottin' waz the order of the day az well az the match which torned oot to be a six goal thriller. (more to follow on this when aa get time az a'm off to Morseyside in an hours time!)
Full time: Stocksfield 3 Whitley Bay 'A' 3
Attendance: 49 (plus a doggie!)

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