Saturday 3 March 2012


Posted '9:00pm bells' Saturday 3rd March 2012

Aa waz waalkin' doon Westgate Road puttin' 'the feelers oot' for any new drinkin dens that a'd missed on mee travels for 'The Geordie Times 100 Pub Crawl Challenge'---when!----lights hit me from the direction of the aa'd 'Star Bar', which haz been shut for aall of this season, and guess wot???---the doors were open--so!--- (az yi de!) aa went in for a quick 'gargel' and to find oot the latest 'crack'!

The barman telt iz that it had just reopened yesterday and that it waz open @ '11 bells' Sunday for the pre match 'derby' drinks!

Now 'The Star', yoo see!--- waz one of mee fave 'haunts' in the 1970s when fans wud celebrate a home win by dancin' on the bar coonta and tables, much to the indifference of 'Robbie' the manager! (who sadly iz ne langer with us!)

A 'class' bar back then and aa have to say that it's great to see it 'back on the circuit'!

We'll give it 'a miss' for now, but we will come back when we near the 'moontain peak' of 100 'waaterin holes', before crossin' it 'off the list'!

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