Wednesday 21 March 2012


Updated '11:45pm bells' Thorsday 22nd March 2012

THE PREMYA LEAGUE TABLE @ '10:00pm bells' Wednesday 21st March 2012

1 Man U---played: 29---points: 70
2 Man C 29/69
3 Spors 29/54
4 The Arse 29/55
5 Chelski 29/49
6 THE TOON 29/47
7 The Liverbirds 29/42
8 Swanzee 29/39
9 SMBs 29/37
10 Everton 29/37
11 Stoke 29/37
12 Fulham 29/36
13 WBA 29/36
14 Norwich 29/36
15 Villa 28/33
16 Blackborn 29/28
17 QPR 29/25
18 Bolton 28/23
19 Wigan 29/22
20 Wolves 29/22

The reality iz!-- we are in SIXTH position, FIVE points aheed of 'The Liverbirds' and anly TWO points behind Chelski in fifth place and SEVEN points behind thord placed Spors, with anly NINE games to gan!

To GUARANTEE a place in The Europa League we must finish in FIFTH position.
SIXTH may be good enough, dependin' on which teams reach the FA Cup final, az the losin' finalists could qualify, shud the winners be in 'The Champions League' (we'll just have to wait and see!)

The Liverbirds are the ANLY team so far to qualify for a Europa League place by virtue of winnin' the League Cup (three Europa League places are up for grabs in total!)

If yoo said that a Europa League/Champions League place waz possible for The Toon at the start of the season, then yoo would have been classed insane!

It's NOT a lang way to gan nuw, and if we can keep the pressure up, then a top FIVE finish iz NOT oot of the question! (a top FOWER finish now looks highly unlikeleee az we are EIGHT points adrift of a 'Champions League place'!)

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