Wednesday 28 March 2012


Posted 'high noon bells' Wednesday 28th March 2012
The nightmare scenario of  'moanin martin's mackems' reachin' the FA Cup final iz ower!---thanx to 'The Toffee Noses' 2-0 victory @ the Stadium of "Sshhh!---Yee Naa Wot!", last neet!

Had they reached the final and we'd finished in wor current SIXTH position at the end of the season, then THEY would have booked a place in the Europa League at wor expense! even if they'd lost!, az the otha finalists, namely Chelski or Spors would automatically qualify for the Champions League/Europa League, through their current league position.

Under the rules, this would mean the losin' finalists then qualify for 'The Europa'! (it doesn't bear thinkin' aboot!!!?)

Of course---IF?  'The Toffee Noses' of Everton beat 'The Liverbirds' in the aall Morseyside semi final @ Wembley, then THEY will qualify instead, at wor expense! (shud we finish sixth)

Aall Toon fans shud now be rootin' for the red half of 'Mickeymouseland'< (one word!) to reach the final az 'Cringin' Kenny's' side have aalready qualified for the Europa League through their League Cup success!

Of course if we can finish FIFTH above Chelski, than this 'scenario' won't arise! (FOURTH! iz even a possibility???----but divvint haad yer breath!)

(see current league table below)

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