Sunday 28 August 2011


Posted '9:15 am bells Sunday 28th August 2011

In the orly hours of this afternoon (1:00 bells!) we play Mohammad Al Fayed's  'Jackson Jivers' @ St James Park, but just why this untelevised game iz kickin' off at this time instead of  '3:00 bells' is anybodys guess?????.
(The match is on today coz they played in Europe on Thorsday)

This meens an orly pub crawl start to prepare for the match amd wor forst 'port o caall' will be 'The Union Rooms' to add anotha to wor 100 pub crawl list (see nav bar at top of page)

A low crowd is predicted and aa don't suppose that 'The Jivers' will have many fans in 'Level 7' and mee guess is that it will be aroond aboot the 40,000 mark
We could actually gan top of the League should we win by a big score (very unlikely!)
Aalso 'very unlikely' is the inclusion of Nile Ranger in wor squad, who was arrested in 'The Bigg Market' in the orly hours of Saturday mornin' for (allegedlee!) knockin' some kidda oot and breakin' his jaw! (Just like twitter 'Joey', anotha headline grabber for the wrang reason!)

Kevin 'Friend' is wor ref for today---lets hope he IZ !

Match reprt to follow later toneet!

Footnote: Bad news for 'Toonhoppers'  
We had a possible SEVEN new groonds to visit in the League Cup 3rd Roond draw, but (predicablee!) we drew Forest away---a groond we have been to many times before! 

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