Thursday 25 August 2011


Posted '9:15 am bells' Thorsday 25th August 2011
"Season ticket holders & members only!"
Toneet we face 'Scunny' away in the League Cup @ their Glanford Park 'bus-shelter' groond (7:45 bells)and the match iz live on Sky

Because of the pitch invasion @ 'Darlo' in pre season, tickets were restricted to season ticket holders and club members only and NONE were on sale to the general public, with NO tickets on sale on the day of the match at 'Scunny' eetha!

I was in the ticket office on Tuesday afternoon and was told that anly 700 tickets had been sold of wor 2,500 allocation by then, and that 'Scunny' had anly selt 2,000 themsels!
(No tickets were available on Wednesday as we'd sent them back by then!?)

On one hand aa can see the clubs point, but to tar every non season ticket holder and non member with the same brush is very unfortunate indeed and it will be very interestin' to see just how many Toon fans are actually there Toneet?

Match report to follow when aa get back!

A'v done an archive match report from when we played them in the FA Cup back in 1974 @ The Old Show Groond and this iz posted below

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