Thursday 25 August 2011

028 old show ground scunthorpe

Date of First Visit: 30th JANUARY 1974

NEWCASTLE UNITED 3 (Barrowclough, MacDonald 2)


ATTENDANCE 19,028 (est 3,000 Toon fans)


The thing ah remember most aboot this jorney tih deepest Lincolnshire, was the heated argument the bus driver had with this bloke, who demanded five pence (or whatever it was!) tih cross a toll bridge ower the River Ouse in Selby, on wor way tih the match.

The driver was gannin 'off it' and refused tih pay up at forst, but in the end he had tih 'cough up the lowwy' az the gadgy in the toll booth said that it would add thorty odd miles tih his jorney if he went the 'lang way roond!'---and!---besides, he could'nt get past the barrier across the road anyway!---and!---(on top iv aall that!), he was haadin aall the traffic up iz well---and!---had a half mile jam behind him!.

(Nee 'M62' in them days!)

"IT'S HIGHWAY ROBBERY!", wor (nuw!) porple faced driver shouted at him, az he (literally!) hoyed 'the bit' in his direction!.

The toll barrier was then raised, but not before another volley of insults towards the toll collecter.

"WHAT'S YIH NAME--LIKE!---DICK F***** TURPIN!", he added sarcastically, az he revved the engine and drove the bus ower the bridge, nearly borstin' a blood vessel in the process!.

By the time he'd calmed doon, (aboot an hour later!) wi'd reached wor destination and parked up beside the groond.

After some 'gargels' in the local hostelries, it was time tih gan tih the match and aboot twenty of us mistakenly paid intih the 'Scunny' end.

(The match was'nt aall ticket)

Ah say 'mistakenly', coz their fans didn't take kindleee to wor presence and started kickin' doon the corrigated fence at the back of the 'shed' tih hoy at us, alang with bricks, stones an' the odd (empty!) bottle!.

In other words---they did'nt look too friendly! and it was time tih mek a 'sharp exit!', az we were ootnumbered by aboot twenty tih one- an' besides, ah had tih gan tih 'graft' the next day!.

We were escorted aroond the pitch by 'The Dibble', tih the Toon end behind the other goal just in time tih see the teams run oot.

This was a replay, az the forst match at St. James' had ended one's each with Terry McDermott gettin' wor goal in front of (just under) thorty nine thoosand.

This game was played in front of (just ower) nineteen thoosand who were shoehorned intih The Old Show Groond which was near the centre of 'Scunny'.

Two goals from Supermac and one from Stewee Barrowclough were enough to give us victory in a one sided game and wor visit to 'The Old Show' was NOT the cup shock that everybody had predicted.

After the match az wih left the hallowed delights of 'The Old Show', little realisin', that az well az wor forst visit, it would aalso be wor last visit there. (It's nuw (predictably!) a supermarket!)

The driver drove wih back---NOT!---via Selby and the dreaded toll bridge---BUT!---via York (where Dick Turpin actually came from!) and an extra thorty odd mile jorney intih the bargain!.

(And not a toll bridge tih be seen aall the way yem!)


©Fink (the mad-sad groundhopper!)

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