Friday 19 August 2011

HIGH NOON DERBY---TICKET FIASCO---ONE! DAY TO GAN!----------SMB v THE TOON derby match reports from 1967 & 1970

Posted (just after!) 'high noon bells' Friday 18th August 2011

Meesel, 'Grumpy Stumpy', 'Scott of the Antarctic' and 'Norman the Cowboy Plumber' applied for seats together in the 'Friends and Family' ticket scheme and instead of sittin' together we are scattered aall aroond the away section of the SOS!???
I suppose we shud be grateful of even gettin' a ticket as 'Sarny Steve' has just 'text' to say that he hasn't even got his ticket yet, despite havin' ower THREE TIMES as many 'loyalty points' as needed to apply for one!

For my aan porsonal record and providin' aa get there?, this will be mee 41st consecutive League derby that aa'll have seen home and away since 1967.  
Me forst away derby was just before the torn of the new year in December '67' and aa'v reprinted the archive 'match report' from that game below!

(Scroll forther doon for the archive match report @ 'Joker' from 1970)

*ON THIS DAY in 1978 we played Millwaall in the notorious game @The Den which is still taalked aboot til this day ! (click on 'popular posts all time'  (045 the den, millwall) in the reet hand side thumbnail for match report >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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