Saturday 10 September 2022


 Posted '4:49pm πŸ”” bells' Saturday 10th September 2022

This iz brilliant!


A Toon fan woz mortal drunk and fell in the Tyne near the Swing Bridge after the Palace game last month!

He woz swept doon the river to by the tide to the Ouseburn mudflats, where he managed to clamber oot from the thick mud, to the astonishment of passers by!!!πŸ€ͺπŸ‘πŸ’©

Just in case yi cannit make oot wot they are sayin' we have reproduced this below!

Geordie version with Inglish translation in brackets: 

Passers By (PB) "Wots happened to yee?" (What's happened to you?)

MR MUD MAN (MMM) "Aa fell in the rivaa!" (I fell in the river)

PB "Haa yi?" (Have you?)

MMM  "Av had too much tih drink!" (I've had too much to drink)

PB "No way ha ha!" --"yi aall reet?" (No way ha ha--are you all right?)

MMM "Drank a bottle of whisky!" 

PB "Drank a bootle of whisky?" -- "keep away from him, maa!" (Drank a bottle of whisky?--Keep away from him, mother)

PB "F**kin' hell mate!" (F**king hell friend)

MMM "Aa luk a bit soaked---divvint aa? (I look a bit soaked---don't I?)

PB "AYE!"---f**kin' soaked (YES!---f**king soaked)

PB "Where?, have yih just come from, there? *meaning the mud flats (Where?, have you just come from, there?)

PB "Have yih been in there aall neet? (Have you been in there all night?)

MMM "Aa don't know if av been in there aall neet!" (I don't know if I've been in there all night)

PB "HA! HA!"---Where have yi just climbed from there, like?" (HA! HA! ---Where have you just climbed from there, have you?)


PB " Aaarr yi off yih nut, yee!" (Aaarr you are out of your mind,  you!)



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