Wednesday 28 September 2022


 Posted 'high noon 🔔bells' Wedinzday 28th September 2022


Owing to the train strike this Saturday 'The NUFC Mad-Sad Groundhoppers' have been forced to travel doon to Wotfaad in 'Big Al's 'jam jar' on Friday (NOT the sheet metal workers son!) for wor game at Fulim in west London at '3:00 bells' on Saturday!

The plan iz to stop for the neet in Wotfaad and travel to Craven Cottage via the 'Metropolitan line' az the tube drivers arn't on strike like the train drivers!

It's not wot we wanted to dee of course, but the hotels in London have upped their prices to a eye watering £800 to £1,000 a neet for Saturday, az the London Marathon iz on on Sunday! (50,000 runners!)

We are NOT millionaires, so a 'cheapish' (£50 each) hotel in Wotfaad it iz on Friday neet! (Wotfaad iz aboot 25 miles from London to the north)

Then we will gan to the match on Saturday by tube and travel back to Tyneside after the match by road ---of course! (The hotel in Wotfaad iz 5 times az much to stay on Saturday)

PS: NUFC arn't they anly Premyaa Leegue fans who are affected by the train strike: Brentfaad are at Bournemoooth, Brightin are at Liverpoool, Evaatin are at Sooothampton and Wolves are at West Ham!----Plus aall the othaa lower leegue and non leegue sides, plus the marathon runners of course!


PPS: Some Toon fans with 70-80 loyalty points have been told that they WON'T receive their tickets due to oversellin'!!!! (It just gets worse folks!)

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