Saturday 24 September 2022


 Posted 'high noon bells' Saturday 24th September 2022

NUFC fans are not the anly ones to suffer from train strikes!

Wor game at Fulim in west London next Saturday iz hit by a train strike on the day and wor next home game v Brentfaad iz aalso hit by a train strike on 8th October, meeeenin Bees fans cannit get here from London by train! (ie: They've been 'STUNG'!) (sic!)

Wor plans are 'up in the air' for Fulim, az we must now travel doon on Friday and come back on Sunday!----The anly problem IZ  The London marathon iz the day after we play Fulim and hotels are a mooth waaterin price for Saturday neet (£200-£300 a room!)

WE havvint decided just wot to dee yet, but drivin doon iz sommik we divvint want to dee az the roads to London will be chocker---especially with marathon traffic!

We will find a way to get there of course!----Just like Brentfaad fans will have to dee to get to 'wor place'!

More on aall this later!

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