Friday 17 September 2021

THE TOON V LEEEDZ *** TOONEET at '8:00 bells'!

 Posted 'high noon ๐Ÿ””bells' Friday 17th September 2021


Brucey (in a very depressed voice): "I will with my experience "HOPE?" that I can keep the club just ticking along๐Ÿ•’๐Ÿ•“๐Ÿ•”๐Ÿ••๐Ÿ•— and make sure that "Err!" the club stays where it is!" (currently in 19th position, which will get us RELEGATED, Brucey!----'HOPE'less!
(It's not aall hiz fault of course az 'The Fat Controller' refused to buy him more than one player in the transfor window!---and of course he won't walk away az he will lose hiz £4 million compen, if he does!)

Both teams gan into tooneets game at SJP withoot a win to their name this season, so far--and in wor case we have shipped 12 goals in 4 Premyaa Leegue games!

We are have ONE solitary point from 12, while Leeedz have 2 points and sit just 2 places above us in the table!

These are desperate times for Toon fans az we look towards the abyss of The Championship yet again!

'Brucey' haz just aboot fallen oot with everyone from wor hierarchy (who made a veiled attack on him!), to the players, (Hayden, etc) the press (The 'Ronny Gill' and others) and the fans! (of course!)

With Callum Wilson oot til 'God naaz when', we will nee doubt plod alang regardless with Jokelinton, etc! (Depressin' times indeed!)

At least goalie Karl Darlow iz fit again, az Freddie Woodman haz made some bad misstayaks, which have cost us dearly! (It woz 'leaked' in the press orlier this week that Woodman would be dropped!)

It's a category 'A' game with £40 the minimum adult price for the 'torture', which of course iz live on the ๐Ÿ“บtelly! ('OFF' buttons at the ready!)

3 points pleeeze, or else SJP will become very toxic indeed!

PS: We've hord 'through the grape vine' that there iz to be a big protest durin the game, with paper planes bein' 'flown' onto the pitch and referees whistles to be 'blowin' in the crowd!✈

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