Monday 3 May 2021


 Posted 'high noon bells' Munday 3rd May 2021


Well!--we had a great chance to banish the relegation blues, but failed miserably to do so yet again, with yet another shocking performance, to end wor 4 match unbeaten run!

From the word 'Go' NUFC were 2nd best in every department and it took The Arse just 5 mins to open the scorin at The Gallowgate End through Elneny with a shot from the edge of the box!

We were watchin on from The Strawberry boozer balcony, just yards away from The Gallowgate End, in the freezing cold and light rain!

They couldn't put the shutters doon az it would be classed az indoors(which of course iz still off limits) so one lass on the next table put hor brolly up to keep hor and hor mates dry!(See top photo!)

Thankfully it stopped raining and we were able to watch the debacle on a ☠ channel on a laptop, az they divvint have SKY in The Strawberry!

It woz like a winters day and everybody woz wrapped up for the outdoor experience!

We counted one shot on goal for us in the forst half (a Saint- Max deflection) az wor visitors poonded wor goal!

It somehow woz still just 0-1 at the break and it woz just a matter of time before The Arse got their 2nd goal and this arrived in the 66th minute when an unmarked Aubameyang fired the baall into the net and the 3 points were gone!  Not one shot on goal for us in 2nd half!!!

Like we say, yet another dismal day at SJP in more ways than one!

PS We can anly hope that we can pick worsels up for wor game at Lestaa next Friday, but it now looks az though it will be a nervy last few weeks til the end of the season!

Updated '8:00pm bells'

Fat Sam the Ugly Man's West Brom drew 1-1 with Wolves in the black country derby!  This meeenz that they are 10 points behind NUFC with 4 games to play!

They would need to win 3 of them and draw the other to match wor 36 points total and we would have to lose wor last 4!--

Bornley play West Ham at '8:15 bells' and are currently level on points with us-----A West Ham win pleeeeeze!

Updated '10:30pm bells'

West Ham won 2-1!  the gods were smilin' on NUFC tooneet!๐Ÿ™

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