Sunday 16 August 2020


 Posted '1:20pm bells' Sunday 16th August 2020

NUFCs wanaaway owner The Fat Controller wants the PIF group to caall the Premyaa Leegue's bluff and gan to arbitration  to finally get the deal ower the line!

Quite simply he wants the PIF to tell them exactly who will be runnin the club to force an end to the saga!

He is sympathetic with their situation and believes that they are the ANLY serious contenders to buy us! (At the moment!)

Arbitration, we are told, is their anly option and could take 1 YEAR!   

But will they be prepared to wait that lang, we ask worsels!???

Watch this space for forthaa developments!

Updated '2:20pm bells'

'WOT! Michael Chopra fronting the deal?   The failed gambler who said that the PIF woz "A done deal!" and who's anly claim to fame iz in a song which ends; "Even Chopra scored!" (When he scored for NUFC in the 4-1 win against the mackems!)

'Fink' I'll phone ''????????

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