Friday 14 December 2018


Posted '1:58pm bells' Friday 14th December 2018

WE heed for deepest Yorkshire tomorrow afternoon for wor game against 'uddersfeeeld and 3 points iz wot we want and desperately need!
This iz wor shortest away trip this season in The Premyaa Leegue (91 miles by train via York) and we leave on the '8:58 bells' train in the mornin' from 'The Central' (station) and shud arrive in good time for plenty 'liquid lubrications'!
Snow iz forecast ower the Pennines, so wrap up in warm clothin' if yoo are gannin!                        ↓↓↓↓↓

Wor opponents lie below us in the table and have won just ONE home game this season, scorin' just THREE goals in the process!

Schar iz available after suspension but Yedlin iz banned after hiz 'sendin off' v Wolves last week!
Shelvey and Fernandez are not expected to 'make it', but Dummett could retorn to the fold!
Aall away tickets have been sold.
(Tickets for wor away games against The Liverbirds and Wotfaad have aalso sold oot!)

'Yours truly' will actually be passin 'uddersfeeeld on the M62 on the way back from mee Manchester 'truck run' in the orly hours of Saturday mornin' (for the 10th time this week!) ---and then after a brief 'shut eye' "ZZZZzzzz!!!!"--I'm up again to catch the '8:58'!
"It's aall go!"

NUFC v HTFC history lesson:
The forst ever meetin' took place @ SJP nearly 99 years ago, on 31st January 1920---'uddersfeeeld won 1-0 in an FA Cup 2nd roond tie in front of a 46,462 crowd.

The last meetin' took place, again at SJP, on 31st March this year, where NUFC won 1-0 with Perez scorin' the anly goal of the game in front of 51,261

Full record: Played 64, Won 27, Drawn 15, Lost 22

A full Geordie Times match and boozer report will appear here sometime on Sunday---az per usual!

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