Sunday 28 September 2014


Posted '10:10am bells' Sunday 28th September 2014

Forst of aall --- grovelling apologeeez for not updatin' this site since last Tuesday!---This iz because av had an horrendous week travellin up and doon the country, followin' The Toon twice to London in 3 days, plus 3 days back and forward to the Bormingham area with mee job!--- 2,700 miles in total!---aa just haven't had time to de it!


The trip to sooth London started off at 'The Central' where aa caught a train to Darlo for a few liquid lubrications forst!
Why Darlo yoo well may ask???---well 'Mal the Inglish Skool Teeecha' had booked me a cheapy ticket from Darlo Station for under a tenner to Kings Cross, but the train wasn't til '3 bells'!
So!--- az aa wouldn't have much time when aa eventually got to sooth London, aa stopped off at Darlo instead! (7 quid from The Toon to Darlo by the way!)
Hogans dive bar waz mee forst port o call just outside the station where the average age of the punters inside waz aboot 75!--az yiv probably guessed it waz cheap beer aall roond @ £2 a pint!

Next stop waz doon the street in 'The Dalesman' and then back to 'Hogans' before catchin' the train to Kings Cross

On arrival @ '5:30 bells' aa made for 'The Cider Tap' at Euston where 'Big Al and Blondie Alan the Morris Dancer' were suppin' "Er!" 'cider' would yoo beleeeve!

It waz then onward to Palace via Victoria Station where the final 'tonsil ticklin' before the match took place in the Selhurst Railway Club---and we were made to feel more than welcome by the Palace fans!


Wor view from row 46 of the away side waz like watchin the game through a letterbox az a gantry had been added below the roof from the last time we were here! This meant that when the baall waz kicked up into the air we couldn't see it, til the wonders of 'gravity' brung it back doon!

There waz suprizingly a canny few Toon fans present considerin' the near 600 mile roond trip wasn't the easiest of the season and they were in good voice---backin the team instead of barrackin the manager, az waz the case at Sooothampton two weeks before!

Goal times:
25th minute: Janmaat fouls Zaha in the box and the ref points straight to the spot and Gayle places hiz shot past Elliot in The Toon goal---1-0 to Palace!

36th minute: Armstrong crosses to Riviere and he torns and shoots past the Palace keeper to level the scores!

48th minute: Sammy Ameobi runs into the box and iz fouled by a Palace defender and the ref again points straight to the spot!---this time in WOR favour!
Riviere steps up and fires the baall into the net to send the 2,000 Toon faitful into raptures ---2-1 to 'US'!

Aa had a bus to catch from Victoria at '11:30' so the very last thing aa needed waz extra time!---and so guess wot happened next????

92nd minute: Deep into injury time and when it looked az though we had won it, 'disaster struck' when after defensive errors on wor part Kiakia managed to scramble the baall into the Toon net to extend the game by a forthaa 30 minutes (at least!)

Thoughts of missin the bus and bein' stranded with ne hotel then entered mee heed az extra time started!  The Crystal Balls stadium announcer then stuck a spanner into 'the works' by gleefully tellin the whole crowd that the winners were to be 'rewarded' by an away trip to Man City in the next roond!
EVERYONE groaned includin' the 2 sets of players! <(a complete BALLS UP if yoo ask us!

112th minute: Paul 'Dummy' Dummett saves the day for us with a fantastic divin heeder to put us back in the lead---3-2!

Thankfully the dreaded penalty shoot out wasn't needed az we 'bit wor fingers to the bone' az Palace frantically tried to get anothaa equaliser!
The ref blew for time and then it waz a mad dash back to Victoria to try and catch the bus!
Aa MADE IT by just 2 MINUTES and crashed oot on the back seat az we pulled oot of the coach station!---The bus (eventually!) pulled into St James' Boulevard some SEVEN HOURS LATER !----aall in the life of an NUFC fan!

Toon team: Elliot, Janmaat (Haidera 46), Coloccini, Steve Taylor, Dummett, Abeid, Colback, Obertan, Armstrong, Sammy Ameobi (Sissoko 66), Riviere (Perez 80)

Attendance: 13,773 (2,000 Toon fans)


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