Thursday 18 September 2014


Posted 'high noon bells' Thorsday 18th September 2014

Followin' fan unrest in Sooothampton last week, some Toon fans are plannin' a protest @ St James' Park on Saturday when we take on 'Broken Nose Bruce's Tiger Lillys' in a '3 bells' kick off.

At Sooothampton, az the players were warmin' up before the kick off, some of wor younger element of fans had unfurled anti Pardew banners in the away end, much to the annoyance of coach John Carver who came ower to remonstrate!

We at 'The Geordie Times' can see Carver's point!---To de this BEFORE the game haz even kicked off iz pure madness az it can anly send negative vibes to the players on the pitch!

Most of the perpetrators were fans in their teens or orly twenties and three of them came doon to the front at the start of the 2nd half and held aloft a double (beer stained!) bedsheet with 'PARDEW OUT' written on it in black spray paint!

Those of us 'langer in the tooth', shall we say,? just stood in stunned silence az the goals went in!

With P45DEW still in charge come Saturday afternoon---things can anly get worse!

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