Monday 29 September 2014


Posted '9:03am bells' Monday 29th September 2014

Anothaa hectic week iz in store for the 'NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers' when we travel to Staffordshire tononeet in mee 'canny tranny' to face The P*ss Potts of Stoke in anothaa 'must win' game <(which most predict we 'will lose'!)

We are settin' off orly this afternoon and wor forst 'target' iz 'The Locomotive' boozer which iz a 20 minute waalk from the groond!

Santon, De Jong, Campbell and Aarons are aall oot due to injury, while Krul, Cisse and Gouffran shud retorn after missin' oot at Palace last mid-week!

Bornley's heavy defeat at WBA yesterday meenz that we move off the bottom of the table, although a 2 goal defeat for us will see us back in the basement place tooneet on goal difference!

It iz said that P45DEW's job iz on the line if we lose and this haz been well publicised ower the weekend!

The Toon will be wearin' their new thord kit, which consists of dark blue and lime green halves and looks absolutleee hideous! <(whoever designs these cr*p aways strips musn't like us!---that's for certain!) 

On Wednesday @ '7 bells' we heed to 'the east end' of The Toon where wor resorves are takin' on Heaton Stannington to open their new floodlights---a new groond for the mad-sad groundhoppers!

And then wor langest trip of the season teks place on Saturday when we face a 750 mile plus roond trip to Swanzee in sooth Wales and we are on the train for this one!

A full 'Geordie Times' match report will appear 'here' az per usual come tomorrow afternoon!

PS: The 'P*ss Potts' game iz a sellooot!---so if yi divvint have a ticket divvint gan!

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