Friday 12 September 2014


Updated 'high noon bells' Friday 12th September 2014
Action from last season @ St Mary's
(We lost 4-0 !)

We face wor 2nd langest trip of the season on Saturday when we heed for Soothampton in a '3 bells' kick off <(Swanzee iz forthaa!)

De Jong's injury rules him oot til at least Xmas and az for Cheik Tiote who played for the Ivory Coast on Wednesday, it iz anybodys guess wethaa he will make it back in time to torn oot for the club who pay hiz wages!  Rolando Aaarons iz aalso reported to be 'oot' but Jack Colback shud be in the startin' line-up!

I am dein' mee normal neet truck run to the Bormingham area on Friday neet (450 miles roond trip) and with a bit luck aa shud be finished by '3 am bells'---plenty of time to get some sleep az the train leaves at '6 am bells'! (660 miles roond trip!)

To be honest aa dare-nit gan to sleep az aa would miss the train, so aa'll just watch the telly for a couple of hours before makin' mee way to 'The Central'!  (Matchsticks in eyelids 'at the ready'!) <(aall in the life of a mad-sad groundhopper'!)

Not many Toon fans think we will get anythin' from this fixture and if that iz the case we could find worsels in the bottom 3 come Saturday neet! <(hopefully we CAN get a result?)

More worryingleee, we have taken a meagre 18 points from a possible 66 in The Premyaa Leegue so far this year and have won just 5 games, losin' 14 and drawn 3 times!---'R' yoo readin' this P45dew????

We have sold wor full allocation of tickets for this game which totals 2,550, but beware if yoo are gannin' doon by road!----The Sooothampton Boat Show iz on at the same time and traffic chaos iz forecast!

'The Geordie Times' will of course bring yoo a full match and drinkin' report on Sunday or Monday <(dependin' on how aa feel!)

It iz ower 45 years since aa forst went to Sooothampton when we drew 0-0 @ The Dell <(match report from that game below!)

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