Friday 3 May 2013


Posted '6:40am bells' Saturday 4th May 2013

Wor thord last game of the season iz now on the horizon against 'The Jellied Eels Mob' today @ '3 bells' and it looks ever so likely that we won't naa wor fate until the final baall iz kicked in three weekends time, against 'The Arse' @ St James', in the very last game of the season!

Havin' lost AALL FOWER of wor games in London this season so far, it doesn't look good for wor trip to the "eest end" of the big city!

We can anly hope that aall the 'hype' that the players and manager have been spoutin' off ower the last few days followin' wor disasterous defeat against 'The Liverbirds', aboot, "bein' a united group!" and "stickin together!", finally works this time in the capital!?<(although they've been sayin' that aall season and look where we are!)

'Captain Coloccini' iz expected 'steer the ship' after bein' oot since February, although 'Marveaux the Magician' iz doubtful with a groin strain.

Old boys Andy 'Pandy' Carroll and *'King' Kevin Nolan will be oot to prove a point against us and I for one hope that the Toon fans divvint give them a load of 'stick', for that will surely fire them up!
(*'King' coz he scored a hat-trick for us against the SMBs in 2010!)

*2,000 fans are makin' the trip doon to 'the smoke', so lets hope we aall have a canny 'drinkin' trip' back to Tyneside tooneet!?<("Er!"---just foond oot!---the trains 'dry'!")
(*'The Ronny Gill' claims we will have 3,000 fans @ the game?)

We are off on wor travels in just ower an hours time, on the '8 bells' train to 'King's Cross', but just to hoy a 'spanner into the works' the direct District Line tube we normally get to Upton Park from 'King's Cross' haz 'line work closures' and we will have to get FOWER! different tube trains to get there!<(just to make life a bit harder!) 

The othaa weekend fixtures that effect us:
(points in brackets) (NUFC have 37 points)

The Wacko Jacko Jivers(40) v The Biscuitmen (25) <Cannit catch us!
The Canary Custards (38) v The Hazbeens and Villians(37)
Spors(n/a) v Soothampton (38)
The Baggie Troosers(n/a)  v The Blue Wigs (32)
SMBs(37) v The Pulis P*ss Potts(40)

PS: for a '44 year old archive match report' on wor game @ Upton Park in 1969, scroll doon the page!)

Footnote: Anothaa north east team who play in black n white stripes will be in London today az well!
Northern Leegue Spennymoor Toon are in the FA Vase final @ Wembley where they meet Tunbridge Wells.
Shud they win, then they will bring the cup back north for the fifth year runnin' aftaa previous successes by 'The Whitley Baywatchers' (3 times winners) and 'The Bad Blue Boys of Dunston', who won it last year!
We at 'The Geordie Times' wish them well in their quest for the coverted silverware!  

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