Friday 10 May 2013

A WACKY WEEKEND! of 'IFs' and 'BUTs'!

Posted '6:50pm bells' Friday 10th May 2013

The penultimate 'wacky weekend' of the season iz aalmost upon us and aall Geordie eyes will be on the 'Hazbeens and Villians' v The Chelski Pensioners' game tomorrow dinnertime @ Villa Park!

Shud the visitors win, then that will meeen that IF WE can (somehow?) win just wor 2nd away leegue game of the season on Sunday in Shepherd's Bush, WE will definatleee avoid 'the abyss'!

This iz because 'The Villa' must play 'The Blue Wigs' on the final day of the season, meanin' that anly one of them can gain max points and climb above us!
A draw aalso means that we will be safe az well!

Of course this iz aall 'IFs' and 'BUTs' and shud we fail to win, then it could aall gan doon to wor final game against 'The Arse' a week on Sunday @ St James'!<(lets hope and pray it DOESN'T come to this!)

Wor game @ QPR iz a selloot to Toon fans, but NOT to home fans and many Geordies have been joinin' their membership scheme to get a precious ticket in the home sections!
(SO!  it shud be 'fun and games' in more sense than one on Sunday!)

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