Tuesday 21 May 2013


Posted '6:40pm bells' Tuesday 21st May 2013 

Pre-season games 2013-2014
Ok!---the season haz just finished and aalready we are lookin' at the fixures for next season! <(ARE we sadists or wot!?)
Wot we de naa for certain iz that wor Under 17s will be playin' once again in 'The Northern Ireland Milk Cup' (group 4), with the final @ The Ballymena Showgrounds' (above)

Ne othaa venues have been decided yet, but we de naa wor three opponents, who will be: 'The Liverbirds' U17s, Coonty Armagh and 'O' Higgins of Chile <(ne relation to the late snooker player 'Hurricane Higgins' of Belfast!)

The tournament takes place between July 28th and August 2nd and some of the 'NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers' are 'toyin' with the idea of takin' in at least one of wor games there, shud the forst team be playin' in Sooth Africa or the USA az rumoured, for the 2nd year runnin'!?
(The 'plan' iz to gan on the 'short hop' to Ireland az the sheer cost of the Africa or America trip rules many of 'the mad-sad groundhoppers' oot of the equation!)

Speculation aboot the trips to Africa/USA  are still 'up in the air'!---but fear not!---'The Geordie Times' will bring yoo!, wor loyal reeeders any news of this, 2nd hand 1st---az usual!

Watch this space!

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