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Date of First Visit: 10th AUGUST 1999




NEWCASTLE UNITED XI 3 (Woodcock, Layton, Arnison)





Somewhere in the sky above Belle Vue Park, Consett, '8:11 pm bells' 10th August 1999

This match kicked off at 7 p.m. 'bells' which was precisely 16 hours and 11 minutes before the much hyped total eclipse of the sun ower Cornwall the next day.


HOWEVER!---Aa can exclusively reveal that Consett, which is high up in the wilderness of Coonty Durham was actually the forst place in the British Isles tih witness this historic event at precisely 8.11 p.m. that neet, (15 hours early!) when the sun disappeared from view and Belle View Park was enveloped under a blanket of thick black clouds and freezin' temperatures (definately NOT! 'Sun View' Park!-- and this was in the middle of the summer holiday season!, so god naaz what it's like here in the middle of winter!?


Before the match wi'd headed for the clubhoose at the back of the main stand where even the bar staff were wearin' thick sheepskin coats because of the caad weather! and the gadgie who sorved me nearly spilled mee pint on the coonta as his hands were shakin' uncontrollably ( presumably?---he was shakin'with the cold and not any alcohol related illness?) (obviously they'd neva hord of 'central heatin' up theeze parts!)

After a few caad 'liquids' to waam us up? (if that makes sense?) it was time to heed for the terraces via the players tunnel on the half way line! (Aye!—we took a wrang tornin' oot of the clubhouse and got lost!)


The main stand which stretched aboot half the length of the pitch looked very 'pre war' with a pitched roof which covered the back half which had bench seats with a standin' paddock to the front. On the far side there was a 'bike shed size' 'faally doon roof' which covered some grass and crumblin' terraces. And behind both goals there were grass banks with overgrown weeds. We stood in the main stand paddock behind the dugoots as there was a bit shelter from the bitin' wind.

The match started off badly for the Toon's resorve/ junior line up and we were one nowt doon after 16 minutes play---However!---Tony Woodcock equalised after 40 minutes when a mix up in the Consett defence allowed him a free shot on goal to bring the scores level.


Durin' the half time interval we were asked to pose for photos for the Newcastle Club Magazine as quite a few of us were groundhoppin' and they wanted to de a feature on us for the next issue (fame at last!)

"It's gone dark!--like!"

In the second half when the above mentioned 'Consett eclipse' desended ontih the groond, (and with the home defence taken by surprise by this momentous event!), Layton and Arnison took advantage for The Toon as the aad 'current bun' made it's 'exit' behind the

'man in the moon' and they scored in quick succession tih seal this friendly victory and leave Consett in the dark!. (sic!)



Accordin' tih the Consett president (John Hurst) the 'Consett eclipse' is a daily event up there!


(The next total eclipse ower the rest of Britain is in 2090!)

©Fink™ (the mad-sad grundhpper!)

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