Wednesday 15 May 2013


Updated '2:00pm bells' Wednesday 15th May 2013

The final relegation place to 'the abysss' waz settled last neet az 'The Blue Wigs' of Wigan went doon 4-1 to 'The Arse' @ 'the Em', just three days aftaa they'd won the FA Cup @ Wembley!

Goodbye and good riddance to them!, especially to 'Callous' McManaman in particular, who tried to break Massadio Haidara's leg a while back, and who himself, got carried off on a stretcher last neet near the end of the game, when aall waz lost! <(wot gans roond---comes roond!)

Goodbye and good riddance! to 'appy 'arry and hiz 'rag and bone men' from QPR, for 'pinchin' Loic Remy, at the last minute from 'under wor noses', in the January transfor window, by danglin' a massive 'carrot' under his nose! <(We've just hord that Remy, who scored against us on Sunday, haz been arrested today, on suspicion of rape!)

Goodbye and good riddance! to 'The Biscuitmen of Readin', coz there groond iz FOWER miles from Reading toon centre and taxi fares from the train station to the groond 'take your eyes oot'!<(minimum £10 fare!)

And finalleee!--- it will be Goodbye and good riddance! to this horrible season next Sunday, az we can't wait for it to end!

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