Tuesday 15 January 2013


Posted '2:00pm bells' Tuesday 15th January 2013

The otha week when aa waz lookin' for some stats for one of mee groond reports aa 'stumbled'<(NOT through drink!) upon an excellent NUFC website av neva hord of before caalled www.toon1892.co.uk which gives immense details aboot matches played/players/groonds played on, etc. 

For example, it gans back to the 1890's when NUFC were in the Northern League and knaan az Newcastle East End and played the likes of Middlesbrough Ironopolis<(remember them?) who we lost to by 3 goals to 2 @ The Paradise Ground, Middlesbrough in front of a 5,000 crowd! and there's even a match report az well!  (played on 19/11/1892!)

This site iz well worth a visit for aall yee stats based freaks oot there! and iz run by a Toon fan caalled Ken <(who I may, or may not, have met before?) and I have absolutleee ne idea if he waz at the above game???

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