Monday 21 January 2013


Posted 'high noon bells' Monday 21st January 2013

We're gettin' quite a few comments from Toon fans aboot the 'tone' of articles in recent weeks and the fact that 'The Geordie Times' iz gettin' angrier and angrier at 'The Toons' plight az the season gans by!

'Dava the Raver the Painter to Savour', haz in particular pointed this oot to us, az we discussed wor predicement ower a few pints of 'lubrication' in 'The Strawberry', 'The Porcy' and 'The Hotspor' @ 'Sunday liquid lunch time'!

We feel helpless at wor current situation, but just like the rest of yoo readin' this, we are powerless to de anything but show wor frustration at matches on Saturdays/Sundays/Mondays etc. or in the numerous NUFC websites and twitter pages!

Wot we didn't want waz anotha battle for survival---but that's exactleee wot we've got!
Many fans have 'had enough' and are wrappin' their season tickets in when they come up for renewal in February, but that isn't an option for many of us az we are NUFC 'diehards' til the day 'we pop wor clogs'!

'The Fat Controller' and the rest of them can sell the club and waalk away at anytime and the manager and players can leave at anytime az well, but that isn't possible for thoosands of us, who's lives revolve aroond the club completleee!

It's a life sentence!*****without parole!  

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