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Posted 'high noon bells' Sunday 27th January 2013
A grainy action shot from St James' Park
taken nearly 107 years ago on October 13th 1906
(the cameraz wornt very good in them days!)
Toon centre forward Appleyard heeds against 
the Man City crossbar @ The Gallowgate End
The Toon won this leegue encoonta 2-0
in front of a 20,000 crowd (Appleyard scored both!)
(The Popular side and Leazes Terrace
are in the backgroond)

Az ever! and nuw and again! 'The Geordie Times' brings yoo facts and figures from wor attendances ower the years

Below iz the list of the top ten supported clubs of aall time in the Futbaall Leegue from it's inception in 1888

We've aalso included aall nine of the north eest clubs who have ever played leegue futbaall and their position in the aall time list!
The Toon are currently in sixth place just behind Chelski, but az wor average gates are much higher than their's at the moment, we shud owertake them in the not too distant future!

1888 to 1st January 2013 

1 The Cockney Reds of Salford***38,401
2 The Liverbirds***34,167
3 Sporz***33,549
4 The Arse***33,308
5 Chelski OAPs***31,767
6 THE TOON***31,728
7 The Toffee Noses***31,200
8 The Blue Moonies***29,300
9 The Hazbeens & Villians***28,340
10 Leedz***25,580
North eest clubs ootside the 'top ten'
11 SMBs***25,396
16 The Smoggies***19,689
72 Gatesheed***6,381
103 The Monkey Hangers***4,225
105 Darlo***4,149
114 The Pit Yaakers of Ashington***3,524
126 Durhim City***2,541
136 (last place) Middlesbraa Ironopolis***1,450

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