Tuesday 22 January 2013


Posted '10:00am bells' Tuesday 22nd January 2013

Both 'I Beg Your Pardew' and 'The Lone Ranger' have made comments on the Toon fans reactions to the disasterous defeat against 'The Biscuitmen of Readin' on Saturday and both, I can tell yoo, are playin' a dangerous game, slaggin' fans off who have had ne success for decades!

'The Geordie Times' haz NEVER booed the team or anybody else for that matter associated with NUFC<(EVER!), but we DID voice wor opinions on tactical decisions made last Saturday afternoon!

We arnt gannih get into a slaggin' match online with eetha of them (especially the gun tottin' ranger!) but we think that loyal fans who have paid £500 plus for season tickets ARE entitled to voice their opinions in which way they choose, like anybody else!

The fact that Pardew said that he had ne option to bring defenders on, on Saturday, az he had ne strikers on the bench, speaks volumes, az Ranger (a striker we believe!?) waz one of the subs!

We rest wor case!***Wot more can we say!?

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