Friday 25 January 2013


Posted '4:10pm bells' Friday 25th January 2013

We are left kickin' wor heels agen this weekend due to wor exit from the FA Cup at the 3rd roond stage!

At one time when The Toon got knocked oot of the cup they would arrange friendlies against Scottish opposition in 'the same boat', like Hibs, Hearts and Celtic.
These days however because of the very low crowds that would torn up, it wouldn't be lucrative enough to do so.
In the 1968 for example (after we got knocked oot at home by Carlisle!) aa remember that we played Hibs @ St James' on '4th roond day' and then Celtic on '5th roond day' when in total for the two games ower 53,000 torned up!

How many would torn up now?---NOT many me finx!

NO!---a'm afraid it's yet anotha 'blankety blank' weekend for us, az most of the local non leegue futbaall haz been wiped oot az well due to the bad wetha!!---we'll just have to gan 'on the hoy' instead!---won't we!

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