Friday 26 January 2024


 Posted '1:00pm bells' Friday 26th January 2024

We are off on wor travels to London (yet again!) tomorrow mornin for wor FA Cup 4th roond tie at Craven Cottage v Fulim at the ridiculous '7:00pm bells' kick off for live telly! (Last train back from King's Cross iz at '9:00pm bells'---So anothaa owerneet stay iz forced upon us!)

Aall 3,800 allocated tickets have been snapped up, while Fulim are strugglin to sell home tickets, with quite a few thoosand left!

They gave Leeedz 6,000 ticket for a previous cup tie, but for some unknown reason they slashed wors by 2,200?

It will sorve them reet if there are empty seats and yoo can bet your bottom dollar that there will be Toon fans scattered aroond the groond in the home sections!

On the injury front, it doesn't get any better with Joelinton oot til the end of the season and the likes of Harvey Barnes, Callum Wilson and Joe Willock still crocked, will it be anothaa game with 2 goalies az subs, such iz wor plight!

Yet again this will be wor last chance of silverware---lets hope it isn't anothaa January disaster!

And then its off to Bormingham next Tuezday when we play The Hazbeenz and Villians in a Premyaa Leegue encoontaa, followed by a trip to Fleetwood the next day, on the way back, where wor U21s are in action!----This will be a new Futbaall Leegue groond for The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers!

On the transfor front, wild speculations are deein the roonds of course!---who will come?---who will gan?

Anyway!--we will soon find oot az the January window closes on February 1st

A full Geordie Times match report on the Fulim game will appear here, sometime on Sunday!----Az per usual, "Watch this space!"

PS: The Geordie Times had it's 990,000th pageview yesterday and so we are now less than 10,000 'hits' from the 'holy grail' of ONE MILLION!  (April Fools Day perhaps?) 

And hello!  Northern Mariana Islands--wherever yoo are  (5 page views in last 24 hours) 164th country or territory to visit The Geordie Times! (Plus the planet Mars of course!)🠟

"Take me to your leader!"---"Whey aye maan!"

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