Friday 12 January 2024


 Posted ‘2:33pm πŸ””s Friday 12th January 2024

☠️16 oot of the 17 away NUFC leegue and cup games below have been moved for live telly!  Anly Lootin (arrowed) haz stayed at the traditional 3:00 bells' Saturday kick off!

☠️Wor game at Fulim in the FA Cup haz unexpectidly been moved to a '7:00 pm bells' kick off and az the last train back to Tyneside on that day iz 9:00pm bells’ it meeenz that we are forced to have yet another owerneet stay in London!

Oot of aall the away games we have been tee this season includin The Champions Leegue where 2 neet stays were required for the 3 games, we have(so far)stopped in a hotel a staggering 16 times!

Fulhim, Villa and The Arse will take this total to 19 and of course there are boond to be more az the telly schedules are released for the final few games of the season!

At an average of £50 per neet per person, that meeenz so far we have spent £800 each on hotel accommodation!(At least!)

PS: We are NOT multi millionaires eethaa!

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