Thursday 1 December 2022


 Posted 'high noon bells' Thorzday 1st Decembaa 2022

NUFC U18s were drawn against Charlton U18s in the FA Youth Cup 3rd roond and the tie will be played next Tuezday 6th Decembaa!

In the previous 2 roonds Charlton played their U18s games at Dartford Town FC and so (az yi dee!) aa booked a days holiday from work for that day and had planned to travel doon!---

HOWEVER! Charlton have now moved the game at short notice to their main Valley Groond (The b*stards!)----a groond 'The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers' forst visited in 1978 for an (old) 2nd Division game and have been to many times since!

Because of this, a'v binned the trip and by a slice of good fortune 'The Bad Blue Boys' of Dunston are playin away at Grantham next Tuezday az well---and so a'm gannin to cadge a lift on the team bus, az aa cannit change mee holiday, az an agency driver haz aalready been booked to cover mee shift (Aa drive a truck for a livin' in case yi didnt naa!) 

'The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers' rules are simple----If its a forst team competitive away game, we MUST attempt to gan to the game!

If its a resorve or junior game on a groond we have previously visited, then we can give it a 'miss'! (A'v actually been to well ower 100 groonds to watch the resorves and juniors oot of the 359 visited in total!)

So Grantham it iz!----a new groond for a Dunston game for me (Mee fave non leegue team)  

Fink (the mad-sad groundhopper!)

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