Wednesday 21 December 2022


 Posted '1:00pm bells' Wedinzday 21st Decembaa 2022


Anotthaa different seat in the stands for us---this time row DD in The Milburn Stand (3 row from the front) which gives a much different view from wor normal Level 7 Balcony seats high up behind us!

We were too low doon for my likin and cannit wait to sit in mee normal 'birds eye view' seat for the next Leegue game!

The game it haz to be said woz aaful, but NUFC were well on top and a dubious disallowed goal for Callum Wilson at The Gallowgate End in the forst half woz the highlight of that half.

It woz ruled oot for 'offside', but from wor pitch level perch we couldnt make oot if it woz or not? (Apparently NOT!)

Anyway!---the 2nd half wasnt much better and the main taalkin point woz a handbaall which wasnt given and an own goal from Bournemooth's number 15 Adam Smith, after he heeded past hiz own keeper from a Kieran Trippier cross in the 67th minute!----The anly goal of the game!

The 400 away followin had the cheek to keep singin "This is a loybree!" (Library) when they couldnt even fill the 500 section that they were in at the top corner of The Leazes End! (Hence the below capacity crowd of under 52,000!)

They were right up to a point az the atmosphere wozint very good at times!

We didnt play well and won ugly---which iz wot Man City, Chelseee and Livaapoool have done for years!   Thats just one loss in the 20 games we have played this season! (The one loss woz undesorved az well v Livaapoool!)

The draw for the qwaataa finals iz tomorrow neet after the Man City v Livaapoool tie!---so at least one of the so caalled 'big six' will be eliminated! 

Attendance: 51,579 (Just 453 from Bournemoooth)

*Spot the difference:

The view of the game that we had last neet

And the last time we were in wor normal seats high above! 

PS: On the same neet less than 2 miles away across the river Tyne, Gatesheed beat Gloucester 5-1 at The Gatesheed International Stadium in front of a 253 'crowd' (200 less than wot Bournemoooth brought to SJP)

That 253 included ONE FAN from Gloucester! Who got  a standin' ovation!πŸ˜€πŸ‘ 

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