Tuesday 27 December 2022


 Posted  '1:00pm🔔 bells' Tuezday 27th Decembaa 2022

Chris Wood penalty     1-0 to NUFC (VIEW from row 'LL' in the away corner)


A year ago NUFC were in free fall after the mess Broken Nose Bruce had left--just ONE win and heedin for the Championship abyss!

A year on and under 'Steady Eddie' ("The guy who got Bournemoooth relegated!" said Brucey) we have won 7 in a row and can dream of a Champions Leegue place!--or a miracle of the title (unlikely but not impossible!)

Within 3 minutes we had a penalty at the far end from us when Joelinton woz hacked doon in the box!

Chris Wood took the spot kick and fired hiz shot into the centre of the net!---Within 2 minutes of that we had doubled wor lead when a 'one-two-one' between Almiron and Bruno had Miggy jink through the Lestaa box to shoot into the far corner for a brilliant goal!---which sent the 3,300 Toon fans in the far corner into meltdoon!

Toon fans started singin': "We're gonna win the Leegue!"  Not me mind--lets wait til we DEE and I will sing alang then!

Joelinton trebled wor lead before the half hour mark when he rose above the home defence to heed home from the edge edge of the box from a Kieran Trippier corner to virtually seal the win and the 3 points, well before the half time break!

The 2nd half wasnt az good az we eased off the gas but *The Basil Brush Brigade misfired badly and hardly had a shot on goal!  (Lestaaz nickname iz The Foxes--Basil Brush iz a fox!---get it!???) The atmosphere from their fans woz crap, but the one good thing iz they don't have them horrible clappers anymore! (Just crap plastic blue flags to wave!)

Jamie Vardy came on az a sub for Lestaa to chants from the Toon faithful of: "Jamie Vardy--your lass iz a grass!" (In relation to hor lost libel case against Wayne Rooney's wife!)

By this time there were thooosands of empty blue seats az their fans left in droves!

" We can see yoo sneakin' out!"

Anothaa clean sheet az well, az we climbed above Man City into 2nd place! (For the time being at least!)

Anothaa fab win under Steady Eddie's guidance!---wot a difference a year makes!

*PS: We said in The Geordie Times preview of the match that we hoped that the Toon fans could sing the "Jingle bells" song;

Wor wish woz granted!

Aaltogether now!

🎵Jingle 🔔 bells- Jingle 🔔 bells--Jingle aall the way!--oh wot fun it iz to see Newcasil win away!🎵

*Attendance: 32,185 (3,300 very happy Toon fans!)

Az usual when we come doon these parts we heeded for The Regent Club for the pre match 'gargels' which iz aboot a 20 minute walk from the groond!) 

Wor 84th Liquid Lubrication Location of the season so far!

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