Monday 23 September 2019


Posted '11:08am bells' Munday 23rd September 2019

'Broken Nose Bruce' came oot with the followin' statement after wor horror show against Brightin on Saturday:

"The only thing we can try to do is to win games!" (dire 0-0 draw)
"We understand that!" (pathetic performance!)
"We'll try!" (must try harder, Steve!)

"It's the only way you can try to get people back!" (The anly way yoo will get people back iz if we get rid of YOO and wor 'beloved owner'? 'The Fat Controller'!)

Aboot the 'alledged' attendance of 43,000 (more like 40,000) "The way to try and get a few people back is to win matches!" 
(1 win in 7 games! and none  in 4 at SJP (includin' the penalty shootout defeat v Lestaa in The Leegue Cup!)

Bruce, on team bein' boood off
"I can understand the frustration. Against a decent Brighton side!"  (Brightin!---a 'decent side'? who haven't won since the forst day of the season!)

Lets get something straight!---99.9% of NUFC fans reeely DO want Bruce to succeed---we reeeely DO!---But 99.9% of us didn't want him in the forst place! az hiz track record (below) speaks volumes of hiz past managerial abilities!---or lack of them!

'Broken Nose Bruce's Premyaa Leegue percentage win record at NUFC iz now!----16.67% (1 win in 6 games)

Hiz record for managers with 200 games or more in The Premyaa Leegue iz ZERO trophies, 3 relegations, (Hull and Bormingham, plus he woz sacked by the mackems before they went doon!)
He's had 111 wins in 398 games, which gives him an oweraall percentage win rate of!----27.8---anly 'bettered' by Bryan Robson who managed a percentage win rate of just 26.8 
<*(ie: 'Brucey' iz catchin' 'Robbo' up fast for 'the wooden spoon trophy'!)

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