Monday 22 April 2019


Posted '1:40pm bells' Easter Munday 22nd April 2019

With relegation to the 'abyss' now not possible because of Cardiff's 2-0 defeat to Liverpoool yesterday, thoughts torn to Rafa BenΓ­tez'z new contract take president!
It's seems to us that wor beloved? absent owner (he wasn't there again on Saturday!) 'The Fat Controller' iz the anly one who can't see the potential of this great club!

The fans are sick to death of fightin relegation or promotion battles season after season, when we shud be challengin' for a Europa Leegue place at least!
We know we cant compete with the so caalled 'big six' at the moment, but surely we can be a club that competes for one of the 'cups' at least!

Wor FA Cup record under wor absent owners leadership (or lack of it!) iz truly shockin', az we have NEVER got past the month of January in the competition since he took the reigns in 2007!---The same can be said for The Leegue Cup where we aalways eXit before Xmas!---that's THORTEEN (13) YEARS since we made February in one of the cups (v Cheltenham in 2006)

Failure to secure Rafa's contract before June 30th, when it runs oot, will be unforgivable and a downward spiral will aalmost certainly follow if we appoint yet another 'yes man' manager to replace Rafa! 

Of course there iz a smaall chance that 'The Fat Controller' will 'sell up', but just like a broken record that keeps repeatin' the same line of the same song, we've hord aall this before!----we've hord aall this before!---we've hord ---- ---- ------!

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