Wednesday 24 April 2019


Posted '1:39pm bells' Wedinzday 24th April 2019

News that The Liverbirds manager Jurgen Klopp has influenced the kick off time for their game against NUFC at SJP on Saturday 4th May haz reached The Geordie Times!

Accordin to The Liverpoool Echo, this iz what he said!

It's a kick off time that nee Toon fan wants and it's an absolute joke that he can influence The Premyaa Leegue hierarchy in this way!

Apparently, Klopp wasn't happy when SKY annoonced last Saturday dinnaatime that the kick off would be at '12:30 bells' on May 4th---and after consultation with The Premyaa Leegue----and by the time wor game had finished last Saturday neet against Sooothampton---the Liverpoool game had been moved yet again to '7:45 bells'!!!

Liverpoool are in action against Barcelona in The Champoins Leegue semi final (1st leg) THREE days before they are due to play us and THREE days after in the 2nd leg!

The game haz now been moved FOWER (4) TIMES!
From '3 bells' on Saturday 4th May to '4:30 bells' on Sunday 5th May----and then back to Saturday 4th May at '12:30 bells'----and then forward to Saturday 4th May at '7:45 bells'!!!!

Many fans like 'Colonel Gadaffi' (the one from Bracknell in Berkshire--and NOT the one from Tripoli in Libya!) booked trains when they forst annoonced the game had been moved to the Sunday for live telly!
He then re-booked on hiz mobile phone straight away, when SKY announced the '12:30 bells' Saturday kick off---so he could gan back on the '6:00pm bells' train to London----anly to find oot after the Sooothampton game that he would miss the Liverpoool game aaltogether if he didn't re-book again!
(Which he haz at great expense!)

Loyal fans shafted again for the whims of SKY, The Premyaa Leegue, and Jurgen Klopp!

Tickets for the game will belatedly gan on sale on THORSDAY to NUFC MEMBERS ANLY!
Az there iz a small possibility that The Liverbirds could win the title at 'wor place', fans are warned NOT to sell on tickets to Liverpoool fans or else they will LOSE THEIR SEASON TICKETS!  Any away fan foond in the home areas WILL be ejected from the ground!

If that's the case then expect The Toon to be swamped by 20,000 or so Scousers, who, like Toon fans, will have been drinkin aall day, which iz a recipe for disaster! (Lets hope that they CANNIT win the title on May 4th!)
PS: A'm honestly not bothered just who wins the Leegue---az lang az it isn't on that date!

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