Monday 7 May 2018


Posted '1:30pm bells' Munday 7th May 2018

In celebration of sund'lind's MAGnificent achievement in bein' relegated 2 seasons in a row, Toon fans had a whiproond and booked 'The Red Arrows' display team, who flew from Newcasil airport (coz sund'lind divvint have one!) to fly ower the SOS on Sunday to commemorate their relegation to Leegue 1!

The red and white smoke trails represent the colours of some of the teams who the mackems will play next season, ie: Accrington Stanley, Fleetwood Toon, Waalsaall and Doncastaa Rovers!

The blue and white smoke trails represents Wycombe Wanderers, Rochdale, Peterboro United, Sooothend, Bristol Rovers and 'good old' Gillingham who relegated them to the 3rd 'tear' in 1987!

The black smoke trails represents anothaa 'black day' in their history, az Burton Albion relegated them last week-----and they will have to play them again next season!


PS: When 'The Toon' were relegated to The Championship in 2016, mackem fan steve cram sent a text to Toon fan Brendan Foster, tellin' him to "Enjoy Burton!"

Brendan haz now got hiz revenge and haz sent cram a text with directions to FLEETWOOD!

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