Wednesday 30 May 2018


Posted '3:15pm bells' Wednesday 30th May 2018
"Honest---I've supported sund'lind since I was 3!"

sund'lind's new executive director (whatevaa that meenz!?) caalled 'Charlie' haz said that he haz aalways thought that NUFC were an arrogant club who seem to think they are special!
This 'right Charlie' says he aalways had a fondness and soft spot towards the SMBs, leadin to him havin antipathy towards NUFC
(He would say that---wouldnt he!?)

He's an OXFAAD UNITED FAN and woz born there, so it seems very strange that he haz a soft spot for a club 300 miles north!

Wot he iz tryin to say iz: "I'm one of yoo and I hate 'The Mags', just like you!"
Wot utter garbage!---but will the mackems be taken in by aall this cr*p and buy their season tickets because of wot he haz said! (Lower bowl tickets only available!)

Accordin to the Oxfaad- Inglish dictionary (very appropriate az thats where he's from!) it says that the word 'arrogant' meenz , 'superior' and 'mocking'! (az if we would!)

"Er!"---"Mebeez he's right after aall!"☺😊😀😁😂😃😄😆

PS: Accordin' to the said dictionary, 'antipathy' meenz 'dislike', 'hatred' and 'loathing', while 'a Charlie' meenz, 'stupid fool', 'baffoon' and 'clown'!

100% right again!

In an interview on Radio Newcasil (thats reet, Radio NEWCASIL!) 'charlie' said that the Oxfaad v Swindon derby woz just az 'intense' az the Tyne/wear derby!!!
A 'right charlie' for certain!!!ðŸ˜Ļ

(Educated at Oxfaad Univorsity and Eton, and speakin' with a 'posh voice', charlie iz obviously on the 'same wave length' az the mackems who come from witherwack and pennywell!---"Thi naaaz!")

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