Tuesday 7 November 2017


Posted Tuesday 7th November 2017

Very sad news reaches us that former NUFC programme editor Paul Tully has died

He offered me the chance to do the 'fan page' in the NUFC match programme for the 2005-2006 season--an offer I couldn't refuse!  It woz caalled 'fink the fan' and of course, Paul edited it! (It woz written in 'Geordie slang', just like this blog!)
I was even invited to do 2 pages in Alan Shearers testimonial programme where I was given 2 pages! (Jimmy Nail got 1 page!)

Paul loved NUFC and non league futbaall and was a regular at many Northern Leegue grounds and I last saw him at a Dunston game a couple of years ago!

Hiz knowledge of futbaall and NUFC in particular woz 'encyclopedic' and he woz a 'member' of 'The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers club' havin visited more than 100 grounds to watch The Toon!
Mike Amos, the former Northern Leegue chairman says in hiz blog that Paul had visited hiz 121st groond by 2003, when he visited Shildon to watch wor resorves play Bishop Auckland and Paul told Mike that: "IT WOZ ALMOST LIKE AN OLYMPIC SPORT!" 'collectin' new groonds watchin' The Toon--az others shared that particular passion az well! (ie: quite a few of 'US'!)
He woz aalso a member of 'The 92 Club', havin visited every leegue groond in the country watchin various matches!

A very friendly guy who will be sadly missed by all who knew him, from the famous like Alan Shearer and Jimmy Nail to the 'non famous' like me!

Fink (the mad-sad groundhopper!)


Paul's funeral will be held at The West Road Crematorium in Newcastle on Tuesday 21st November at 12:30 

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