Thursday 16 November 2017


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We face Moan U at 'The Theatre of Muppets' Saturday teatime and we have several injuries to contend with!
Atsu, Merino and Lascelles are aal expected to be missin' az we aim to be the forst team to win there for ower a year!
Their last 22 home games have resulted in them winnin 12 and drawin 10----and to be porfectleee honest a draw would be a brilliant scoreline for us--and the best we can hope for!
Dependin on what yoo read we will have between 2,500 and 3,100 fans hundled in the corner of the away end

The Myth of Man U

Got mee hands on mee Moan U ticket for Saturday, last week!
In the top right hand corner of the ticket it says: 'Legendary support since 1878'

This is NOT TRUE!
Before the 1958 Munich air crash, Man U were only best supported team ONCE in their history--the year before---compared to the NUFC record of best supported TEN TIMES up til that time!

In the 1930s they wornt even the best supported club in Manchester and even the likes of Notts County were better supported than Man U! <(they had average gates of under 12,000 and were the 33rd best supported oot of the 92 leegue clubs that season!)

When they were relegated in 1931 they had a 'crowd' of 3,969 v Middlesbrough on the last day of the season in May--and an even lower crowd later on that year, when just 3,507 bothered to torn up to see them play Sooothampton on 2nd September
'Legendary support'---yi havin a laff!
('Google it' on Wikipedia if yoo don't beleeeve us!)

Of course 'we' have not been immune  to low attendances worsels, havin had 2 sub 8,000 crowds in the 1970s---but then again we ARNT claimin to have had legendary support since we were 'born' in 1892!

AYE! Man U have been the best supported club since the 1960s but to claim that they have had great support since they were founded iz total tosh! (for 1878 'fast forward' 80 years to 1958!)

Aa can remember taalkin to a Man U fan who drank in mee 'local' a few years ago, who woz much older than me, and typically he had been to 3 venues to watch hiz team---The public house---the club house---and hiz own house!--ie: he'd never been to Old Trafford!

"Why do yoo support them when yoo were born HERE!?" I asked him incredulously <(we naa aall the big words!)
"Because of the Munich air crash!" he replied, addin that "Everbody in the country 'felt' for them after the tragedy---and many started supportin' them after this!"

And then the penny dropped!: Before Munich they were just an ordinary team and after the tragedy they became massive!
In the 80 years before the Munich air crash they were best supported just once az mentioned--and in the 60 seasons since, they have been best supported 49 times!  

 Anyway!---We are travellin by choo choo train ower the pennines in the aaful 'Trans Pennine 'Express'? (which does 5mph on certain parts of the jorney!) and it will be packed to the rafters with 'standin room anly' by the time we reach Leeedz!

A full Geordie Times match report will follow on Sunday---sometime!
Az per usual---"Watch this space!"

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