Sunday 10 September 2017


Posted 10 00am bells Sunday 10th September 2017 from Newport sooth Wales
(Updates periodically!)
The last boozer we were in last neet/this mornin til one bells!
'The Tiny Rebel'

We are in Newport az I write this
Because of  enginerin work many trains have been cancelled to Swanzee!
Newport isnt that far away but fans who are travellin doon this mornin will be lucky to get there for kick off time at 4 bells

Will keep yoo posted az day gans on!

11 15am bells
Caught another train from Newport to Swanzee at 11 bells but we are delayed coz the train in front of us iz on FIRE! (Yi couldnt make it up!)

11 30 bells
On move again   ne sign of train on fire!?

High noon bells
The 'scenic route' via Port Talbot!

12 30 bells   here at last!
Swanzee'z groond from the train window and wor fave 'port o call' doon here on  way to groond from station'--The Villiers!

Half time score: 0  0

Full time score: WON 1  0 ! (Lascelles 76min  heeder!)

Lascelles goal from the away end (Geordie Times excluuusive!) Hope youve got good eyesight!?

Attendance:20,872 (2,000 very happy Toon fans!)

Brief match report:
Lascelles woz the star of the show, scorin' with a heeder az he rose above the Swazee defence from a corner to win the game for us in the 76th minute!

Just a few mins olier he'd cleared from the goal line  after Abrahams looked certain to score after roundin Toon goalie Rob Elliot !

We climb to the top half of The Premyaa after this victory to the 'dizzy heights' of 10th place!

The ref woz abosolutleee cr*p by the way!

Full match report tomorrow

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