Friday 8 September 2017


Posted '1 17pm bells' Friday 8th September 2017

We said that Rafa wouldnt be at the Swanzee game, but  not through illness (we thought he'd been gone by now!)
He's got an infection related to a hernia opp he had 2 years ago and might miss the trip for that reason and we wish him well and a speedy recovery!

Jonjo iz back after hiz daft 3 match suspension, while Mitro starts HIZ daft 3 match suspension! (Yi cannit make it up!)

Dummett and Mbemba are oot az well coz they are 'cattle trucked'!  but  Lejeune and Yedlin might ' fill in' at the back

The game kicks off at '4bells' on Sunday for live telly!---Makin it virtually impossible to get there and back after the match by choo! choo! train---(the forst train doesnt leave 'The Central' til '8bells' Sunday mornin and doesnt get to Swanzee until 30 mins before kick off--add in 2 train changes az well !)
The jorney back IZ impossible az the match wont finish til '6bells'! (Overneet stay in Newport needed!)
NUFC were allocated 2,000 tickets but they were still on sale yesterday!
PS: Just hord-'-Swanzee haz sold oot! (Eventually!)

A match report will appear here eventually!

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