Thursday 5 June 2014

"JACK'S THE LAD!?" *** £000,000,000!

Posted '1:25pm bells' Thorsday 5th Joon 2014

The rumour machine haz been dein' the roonds az per usual in the summaa transfor window and it's said that SMB midfielder Jack Colbeck iz set to join us sometime next week on a FREE TRANSFOR! <(Az wor 'beloved owner?' 'The Fat Controller' will ne doubt say: "The price is right!")

A 5 year deal haz been mentioned and we at 'The Geordie Times' have ne problem with an SMB switchin' from weardoside to Tyneside!
The mackem fans though, hate it if it's the othaa way roond and they sign an ex Toon player! <(Lee Clark iz the porfect example!)

Still ne news of course of any pormanent signings for CASH!---the lang wait gans on! <(and ON!) (see Geordie Times quiz below!)

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