Friday 25 October 2013


Posted '1:30pm bells' Friday 25th October 2013

To celebrate 125 years of the Northern League, they are dein' one of their famed groundhops tomorrow in Newcastle's east end!

Fower Northern League games will kick off at staggered times and the amazin' thing iz that matches on aall fower groonds are within two miles of each othaaa!
Add in the fact that The Toon U18s are takin' on Spors U18s @ Little Benton az well, then there's the unprecedented possibility of takin' in FIVE games in the space of NINE hours!

The itinerary iz az follows if yi stupid enough to de aall five!:
10:30 am bells: Heaton Stannington v Birtley Toon ***watch the 1st half and Then! 'move on' to Little Benton just up the road to watch the 2nd half of The Toon U18s game against Spors which kicked off @ 11 bells!***
Then! 'move on' to Darsley Park just roond the corner to watch West Allotment Celtic play North Sheeelds @ 1:15pm bells!
Then!***'move on' again and heed back to the groond next to Little Benton where Team Northumbria take on The Whitley Bay Watchers @ 4 bells' and Then! (finally!)*** 'move on' a fortha mile doon the road to watch Newcastle Benfield play Morpeth Toon @ 7 bells!

Best of luck yoo sad bustards!

PS: 'The Geordie Times' will NOT be on 'the hop' az a'm dein' anothaa neetshift run doon to Halesowen near Bormingham tooneet and will be tucked up in bed when the forst game kicks off!****"ZZZZZzzzzz!!!!!"

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