Saturday 12 October 2013


Posted '1:15pm bells' Saturday 12th October 2013

For the 2nd week oot of the last three, we find worsels with ne Premyaa Leegue game due to the World Cup qualifyin' games bein' played this week!

This meeenz aa must get 'mee fix' somewhere and today a'm off to a fave non leegue haunt of Federation Park, Dunston (or shud that be The Federation Park CLUBHOOSE?) where 'The Bad Blue Boys' (Dunston UTS) take on Morpeth Toon in a Northern Leegue encoonaa @ '3 bells', where a near 200 crowd iz expected! <(so get there orly!)

Of course it reeely iz annoyin' to have anotha blank weekend again, especially az we will have to travel to Swanzee and Norwich in midweek later on this season! (just HOW de they work the fixtures oot, to make us travel SO far through the week!?)

Anyway!---we haven't got a game til next Saturday now, when 'The Liverbirds' visit St James' Park in a live telly game!

More to follow on this next week sometime!

PS: Dunston are currently the 20th best supported north east club ---full 'Top 20' list to follow later!

Updated '11:00 am bells' Sunday
PPS: Dunston won 5-0 and were 3 up after just 15 minutes with the goals comin' @ 'The (now demolished) Dunston Rocket End' <(now renamed 'The Dunston Rocketless End'!)

Two forthaa goals followed in the 2nd period @ 'The Dunston Tea-hut Terrace End'!---and 'The Geordie Times' prediction of a near 200 crowd waz 'spot on' az 195 diehards actually torned up in the freeezin' conditions!

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