Friday 4 October 2013


Posted 'high noon bells' Friday 4th October 2013

We must now torn wor attention to the lang trip to sooth Wales tomorrow when we face the 'Bluebirds' "Er! Sorry!" 'REDWINGS'! of Cardiff @ their nearly new stadium which iz handily built 'ower the road' from their old one! (Ninian Park)

Forst 'port o call' when we get there will be the Canton Rugby Club which iz within eezy 'hocklin' distance' of the groond!
They have a canny clubhoose and de canny scran az well, az we foond oot on wor previous visit here when we played 'The Taffy Noses' in a pre season friendly last year (we lost 4-1!)

We understand that 'The Toon' returned 500 tickets of wor 2,500 allocation and so we will have at least 1,000 more fans in Cardiff than we did @ Everton on Monday neet! <(wor match tickets have just arrived in the post az aa speak!---"horray!")

We start on the lang 320 mile drive at 'five bells' in the mornin' , collectin' 'Liam from the Lamp' and hiz sidekick 'Michael the Mag' from The Black Bull opposite St James Park and then 'onward to Howden to pick 'Tex Taylor' up.
We then must gan through the Tyne tunnel and doon the 'A19' past a certain sh*thole to pick up 3 members of 'The Peterlee Perpetrators' <(havvent got a clue wot 'Perpetrators' meenz---but it soonds good!) and shud arrive in 'Taffyland' at around 11:30ish? <(traffic jams excepted!)

A full match and 'hooch' report will be forthcomin' sometime on Sunday---of course!

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